Sunday School

Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. –  Matthew 19:14

Sunday School Teacher’s

Our Sunday school comprises of 30 children managed by 7 Teachers who co-ordinate with the Sunday School Superintendent. Classes are conducted every Sunday after the worship service in the church.

Our Aim is to help the children accept Jesus Christ as their Personal Saviour and to teach them to walk in His ways. We also inculcate Christian values and explain the importance of obedience to parents and elders.

The children are divided into six classes as given below:

  1. Nursery – Studying in Nursery, Jr. K.G.,
  2. Beginners – Studying in Sr. K.G., Ist Std.
  3. Primary – Studying in IInd Std., IIIrd Std. IVth Std.
  4. Juniors – Studying in Vth Std., VIth Std., VIIth Std.
  5. Inters – Studying in VIIth Std., IXth Std.
  6. Seniors – Studying in Xth Std. and above.


  1. General Assembly takes place every first Sunday of the month and includes:
  • Singing songs.
  • Short practical stories with Biblical Morals.
  • Testimonies shared by children.
  • Bible Stories.
  • Bible Reading.
  • Prayer.
  1. Sunday school workbooks are provided to the children according to their classes. Every Sunday after the worship service, lessons are taught for a time period of minimum 1 hour. Exams are later conducted from the portions taught in Class.
  2. Memory Verse Recitation is specially included in the Sunday worship Service. All the children are encouraged with a candy after reciting the verse. Our church members always cheer and encourage the children.